Product Description

Scarid Fly drench is an extremely effective remedy to overcome the problems that Fungus Gnats bring about.

Dilution Rate – use 2ml of concentrate to 10litres of tank nutrient solution. Run treatment for 24hrs in highly oxygenated water. Then dump tank. Re-dose if pest is still present. Treat only a few plants first if phyto toxicity is of concern.

To ensure coverage of entire surface area, a mixture rate of 2ml/10 litres of water through a watering can, will also ensure effective control.

This product has a 7 day withholding period and also note, that once mixed, effectiveness diminishes dramatically after 7 days.

Do Not Spray Scarid fly Drench Directly on Foliage

Safety Directions – Wear suitable attire (twin cartridge respirator and gloves up to the elbows. After use wash hands, arms and face thoroughly with soap and water. Keep out of the reach of children.